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“Believe in your dreams because you can achieve them. Let me show you how.”

Shane Krider

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"Shane Krider's training has transformed my life in every regard. His down to earth style and powerful insights have allowed me to recognize what had previously held me back."

-Debbie Ruston, "The Success Educator"

Shane Krider - Mind Power Podcast

From Tragedy To Triumph with guest Ella Cojocaru,

A Yoga Legend In The Making

Freatured Content:

Shane Krider and Rachel Krider interview Ella Cojocaru. Ever thought yoga was for the weak? Shane Krider says that Ella Cojocaru will change your mind! Shane and Rachel have known Ella since 2012 often telling others how she played a role in not only transforming their bodies but their outlook on life, as well!


Ella is an amazing person, says Shane Krider, with an equally amazing story. In this podcast Ella speaks about her childhood in Romainia training for the Romainian Olympic Team. She shares her story of constant physical and emotional abuse, betrayal and ultimatley her escaping to the US. In this interview there are many insights and revalations as Ella talks openly about how she began to heal the physical and emotion wounds and in the process, discovered her true passion and purpose in life.



Hi, my name is Shane Krider, I love building businesses, systems, teams and investing the profits. Welcome to Inside The Mastermind!

What I really love is the mental game, the internal game of success, regardless of the field. I particularly love business because, from my experience, people are never happier than when they are creating magic in business and building wealth in every area of their lives as a result. 

I believe that you can win the internal game of success, if you come to understand the basic principles that are at play. Once these principles are understood and you becomes aligned with them, success is an inevitable outcome. 


Allow me to share with you how I gained my own knowledge, the successes and failures I've had and how you can master the internal game of success.

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“I wonder what could have been? Is a question I never want to find myself asking. Everyone dies but only a few truly live! ”​


—  Shane Krider

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